About Us:

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of Davis Industries, Inc. is to provide our products and services to our clients at fair market value, while managing our business for a return on investment.  The following goals have been established:

  • Quality – maintain a high degree of quality for our customers.
  • Solutions – help our clients find effective solutions to their problems.
  • Safety – provide for and maintain a safe working environment for our employees.
  • Atmosphere – promote a work environment that challenges and rewards our employees for a job well done.

  • Building Automation Systems that integrate environmental control, lighting control, security, access control and power monitoring on an open architecture platform.
  • Deliver tools and information to our clients that help them manage their facility more efficiently.
  • Provide preventive, predicative and proactive maintenance services for the repair, service and upgrade of our clients mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Assist clients with the replacement and expansion of their mechanical and electrical systems by offering consultation, design, implementation and commissioning of new systems.
  • Offer our clients energy monitoring services to determine actual savings associated with implemented energy conservation measures.

  • Davis Industries serves clients through out the United States.
  • Our services will be offered in the high-end residential, commercial, institutional and industrial markets.
  • Our business is ideally suited for all types of economic conditions.  Clients are always looking for ways to decrease their operating and maintenance costs. This focus becomes more intense with economic downturns and the onset of utility deregulation.

Strategic Partners
  • As a Honeywell Automation Control Specialist (ACS) and WebsAX solution provider, Davis Industries has access to some of the world’s most advanced control and automation solutions.  With Honeywell products and services Davis Industries offers its clients complete solutions in HVAC, Lighting, Access and Security Systems.
  • Our partnership with Lynxspring provides us with access to the best support and services available for the Niagara platform through Lynxsprings line of JeneSys controllers.  Our ability to support existing and new Tridium-Niagara systems utilizing the JACE platform is evidenced by our in house staff of R2 and AX certified specialists.
  • As a Plexus Technologies digital partner we are able to offer one of most open,  multi-vendor, multi-protocol HMI graphical user interfaces available.  The Plexus solution sits on top of existing building automation systems and does not require it to take over database management.
  • As a member of Echelon Open Systems Alliance and the LonMark Interoperability association Davis Industries contributes to the advancement of open, interoperable control systems.
  • Davis Industries has access to and represents a number of open control solution providers including: Smart Controls, Echelon, Hubbell Automation, Airtest Technologies, BAPI, Veris, Kele and others.

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